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Safety & usability
One of the main features of the Bliss Mobil concept is that it is being equipped with the latest technology. This strong focus on technology, safety and usability has resulted in a smart vehicle. Smart meaning the vehicle has numerous features that keep you safe, provide comfort and extend the possibilities of use. 


Domotics & Remote control
Unique and one of the main smart features is the Bliss Mobil domotics system. Domotics is a composite of the Latin word 'domus' (meaning 'house') and informatics. The WiFi-based domotics system ensures that almost every electrical device and function can be operated remotely using your tablet, smartphone or pc. This not only functions when you're near the vehicle, but also via an internet connection from anywhere in the world.

Stay functional at all times

Smart also means keeping the expedition unit operational and functional at all times. We are very realistic. We realise that during travelling parts and components may fail. It's the fact that each Bliss Mobil is prepared for these occassions, that sets us apart from other makes. Smart also means the domotics system functions parallel to the mechanical switches. Thus every main function can be carried out both electrically and mechanically.



Bliss Mobil offers extensive support: instruction manual with troubleshooting, available spare parts, online customer portal with message service and if agreed support on site.


Smart characteristics
Being smart goes much further than the description above. Many components, parts and characteristics are much smarter than you might expect. Please investigate these examples and explorer the benefits of the Bliss Mobil concept.

Multiple connections possible Multiple connections possible


Every Bliss Mobil is fitted with a well thought out domotics system. The domotics system is ethernet-based and uses the vehicle’s own WiFi network. This WiFi network is powered by a high quality and multi-functional router.

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VRM: short status overview VRM: short status overview


When within range of the Bliss Mobil all communication goes via the unit's own local WiFi network (LAN). When not in range you can control the domotics system from any internet connection worldwide via the routers GSM network or (optional) satellite receiver.

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Auto switch on/off inverter Auto switch on/off inverter

Domotics: Intelligence

Because almost all appliances are connected and controlled by the domotics system you are able to obtain all kinds of useful information. More importantly, when programmed, the domotic system is able to activate/de-activate functionalities accordingly.

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360° view ir-camera system 360° view ir-camera system

Safety & security

We provides several smart features to keep you and your belongings safe and secure. This is achieved by some features like a 3-point lock on the entrance door, and some less obvious features as electric frost protection and the special in house developed retractable stairs.

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Easy accessible technical area Easy accessible technical area

Stay functional at all times

The domotics system provides a lot of intelligence and comfort and is easy to use. But when for whatever reason you can't or don't want to use the domotics system there is the override panel which lets you manually switch all operations.

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Smart example: connectionbox Smart example: connectionbox

Smart characteristics

There are many components, parts and characteristics that make each Bliss Mobil a smart vehicle. Please investigate these examples and explorer the benefits of the Bliss concept.

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