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Inside the 18 foot unit all the amenities of a home are provided... and more! The versatile, well-thought out design offers a warm and inviting space to spend your travelling days. The interior design is luxurious yet functional and durable, with contemporary yacht design influences.

By using solid bamboo panels, Corian and yacht-quality textiles the interior breathes quality and luxury.

Floor heating and indirect lighting Floor heating and indirect lighting


Safety comes first, immediately followed by comfort. The 18 foot Bliss Mobil is suitable for travel in extreme conditions and is equipped with several smart features to guarantee your comfort at all times.

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Solar operated inlet fans Solar operated inlet fans

Solar operated inlet fans

Two solar operated, permanently activated inlet fans, ensure the flow of fresh air throughout the vehicle's interior.


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Spacious interior 18 foot Spacious interior 18 foot


The 18 foot unit offers an inside height of over 2100 mm with the five windows and two overhead escape hatches providing a bright, spacious interior and enabling you to enjoy the outside views.

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Couch Couch


Constructed to yacht quality standards, the U-shaped couch has ample room for up to six people. Easily providing enough space to enjoy a family meal or to hang out with friends. The cushions are 100mm thick, making them extremely durable and comfortable.

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Fully equipped kitchen Fully equipped kitchen

Fully equipped kitchen

The kitchen is fitted with a spacious Corian counter, giving you plenty of workspace. The counter top is fitted with a stainless steel sink and tap, andand accommodates in the 18 ft standard a four-plate induction cooker ( 18 ft Long Bed two-plate induction cooker)

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Freezer box under the couch (open) Freezer box under the couch (open)


When it comes to storing provisions, a high quality insulated freezer box is integrated into the couch. The 65 liter capacity freezer provides enough space to store provisions for four people for a longer periode of time.

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Bathroom shower Bathroom shower

Luxurious bathroom

Separate from the lavatory and in 18 ft standard unit with dimensions of 785 (L) x 650 (W) mm with 2.000 mm headroom, the bathroom offers enough room to comfortably enjoy a refreshing shower.

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Lavatory Lavatory


The separate lavatory is equipped with an electric toilet with a grinder. This type of toilet flushes with less water than traditional toilets. Grinding the waste prevents potential clogging of the black water pipe system.

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Lots of cabinets and overhead lockers Lots of cabinets and overhead lockers

Keeping it all organised

Throughout the unit cupboards, cabinets and overhead lockers are in place to ensure enough storage capacity for your everyday needs.

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Floorheating Floorheating


A silent and comfortable heating option is provided via a reliable electrical floorheating system that covers the entire floor area, encompassing almost 5 m2.

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Diesel air heater Diesel air heater

Diesel air heater

The compact, powerful diesel air heater provides highly efficient hot air through two outlets located in the centre of the unit.

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Air conditioning Air conditioning

Air conditioning

The air conditioning unit is a light weight under-bench unit with heat pump and a closed, maintenance-free cooling unit. Performance is up to  2.4kW - 8.200 Btu/h at an ambient temperature of between 2°C -and 40°C. 

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Lenovo 22 inch screen Lenovo 22 inch screen


A comprehensive indoor entertainment system comes as standard. The audio system is equipped with two high quality speakers that allows you to play your favourite music or listen to the radio.

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Technical infrastructure with parallel back-up systems Technical infrastructure with parallel back-up systems

No single point of failure

The independent nature of the unit also means that all equipment functions as it should. In the 18 foot Bliss Mobil unit all precautions are made to ensure that this is so. The total technical infrastructure is engineered with parallel back-up systems for all critical equipment.

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Fire prevention Fire prevention

Fire prevention

All areas fitted with heat-sensitive equipment are equipped with temperature sensors, which automatically switch on the exhaust fans. As such, the risk of equipment overheating is eliminated. 

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ISO-certified escape hatches. ISO-certified escape hatches.

Safe escape routes

In case of fire or danger the 18 foot unit is equipped with two escape hatches, one at the front and one in the sleeping area which offer a quick escape route.

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Easy accessible technical area Easy accessible technical area

Easy repairs

All technical areas have been made readily and easily accessible via inspection hatches, allowing repairs and replacements to be undertaken quickly.

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