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The exterior of the Bliss Mobil unit is characterized by its solid box-like shape, twist-lock corner castings and detailed finish. On top of that, the exterior of the Bliss Mobil is very robust and it also features some smart solutions such as solar powered ventilation and the very well thought-out connection box.

All uses materials and components are thoroughly tested to ensure that the exterior is resistant to virtually all weather and climate conditions.

15 foot unit inside a container 15 foot unit inside a container


Transporting a 11-ton vehicle around the world can be a challenging and costly operation, if it’s possible at all. The 15 foot body has outer dimensions that fit into a standard 20 foot freight container.

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Maximum ground clearance Maximum ground clearance

Maximum ground clearance

The major benefit of the ‘all-in-one box’ concept is that none of the components is located outside the perimeters of the body. The body is of a "straight forward" dimension, meaning there are no parts lower than the unit itself or placed underneath the unit.

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Glass fiber reinforced polyester Glass fiber reinforced polyester

Connection box

In the connection box all relevant switches and connections are located at one central location, which is ideal for your operations outside. You don't have to walk around and find the different outlets or inlets to do the different jobs.

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Bright led side lights Bright led side lights

Exterior lighting

Every Bliss Mobil features several exterior lights and some optional extra's. A standard LED entrance light is fitted above the door to mark the entrance.

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Standard 360° camera Standard 360° camera

360° view ir-camera system (optional)

In order to monitor your surroundings, every Bliss Mobil can be equipped with four cameras. The camera system will provide a 360° view of the direct surroundings of your vehicle.

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Passage to truck cabin Passage to truck cabin

Passage to truck cabin

An optional lockable passage to the cabin of the truck is available. It ensures a safe, direct escape route directly from the body to the cabin of the truck.

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Natural ventilation Natural ventilation

Natural ventilation

The five windows and two roof hatches ensure excellent natural ventilation. The windows can be opened to any position.

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Shuttered outlet fans Shuttered outlet fans

Shuttered outlet fans

In order to prevent insects, sand or dust from passing through the exhaust canals, the automatic outlet fans are fitted with shutters. These shutters will only open when in operation thus preventing dust, sand or insects form entering the unit.

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