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Independent travelling implies being able to run all vital electrical systems in any given situation. The 11 foot offers an overwhelming energy capacity and a great energy infrastructure, using the latest technology. Clean, quiet and efficient solar energy is one of Bliss Mobil’s cornerstones.

Maximum efficiency, reliability and user friendliness comes next. All critical devices are double or have a back-up option to guarantee the continuity of operations. For example heating and solar circuits are double.

Solar panels on roof Solar panels on roof

Solar power

The 11 foot unit is equipped with 3 high quality and powerful monocrystalline solar panels (1 parallel set + 1 panel). They have a combined maximum output of 0.83 kW per hour, generating more than enough power for daily use.

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Truck alternator Truck alternator

Truck alternator

Beside the abundant capacity of the solar system, power can also be generated by the truck’s alternator. The alternator functions as a back-up power generation source.

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View inside battery compartment View inside battery compartment

Lithium-ion batteries and BMS

The 11 foot is equipped with powerful maintenance-free lithium-ion batteries to store large amounts of power reliably and efficiently. The 8 batteries make one 24V battery bank. Total battery capacity: 400 Ah/more than 10 kW.

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Inverter & charging Inverter & charging

Inverter & charging

The nominal voltage is 24 V. 230 VAC is generated by a powerful inverter with a capacity of 5kW. This is enough to run the induction stove and air conditioning at the same time. The inverter can also charge the batteries with 120A at 24 V using 230V grid power.

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Smart vehicle Smart vehicle

Smart vehicle

The domotics system in the Bliss Mobil is a WiFi-based system using the vehicle’s own WiFi network. Through a series of control units, each and every electrical device can be operated remotely using the complementary tablet or any type of smartphone.

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Wireless light switch Wireless light switch

Wireless light switches

Wireless light switches based on EnOcean technology is another application of the domotics system. The (light) switches are battery-free and pulse a megahertz signal when switched, subsequently triggering a switching operation in the server.

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Override panel Override panel

Override panel

Although everything can be switched on-off and monitored with the tablet domotics system; there is a clear and easy back up: the override panel.

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Fully electric kitchen Fully electric kitchen

No volatile propane

The 11 foot body is equipped with plenty of solar power and battery capacity. When the unit is exposed to daylight a large 0.83 kW solar power array charges the batteries (10 kW) and powers all devices.

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Energy efficient LED lighting Energy efficient LED lighting

Energy efficiency

In order to minimize power consumption and prolong the lifespan of all lighting, the 11 foot is equipped with energy efficient LED lighting. The 60mm wall panels insulated with additional Aerogel throughout the steel frame, make the body suitable for extreme climates and reduce day-to-day energy use for heating and cooling.

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